Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GrayMan's P.O. Box ...and a Poem

I had a question to whether or not Gray's P.O. Box was still working... The answer is Yes. I believe we will have it for 6 months. Gray's Grandpa and Uncle work at the Post Office, so they check it from time to time.
The address again is:

Grayson Thomas Thompson
P.O. Box 4025
Brookhaven , Ms 39603

I plan on putting in a post soon to show all the things Gray has received in his P.O. Box. I have meant to do this numerous times, and just haven't yet. It's pretty emotional to go through everything.. but we are so grateful for all we received for him. Thank you to all of you who sent a card or a package. Hopefully I will get it on here next week after our trip.

Also I wanted to post a Poem that was written for Grayson and Kinsey. It was written by my cousin Angie in Brookhaven. She sent it to me this morning. It made me tear up and smile at the same time. I though it was very sweet of her to write... and so touching that she still has my babies on her mind. Thank you Angie. We all love you.


Kinsey Grace
Grayson Thomas

Forever in contentment in His arms abide
Little smiles and hugs, to Him belong survive

Their hearts with us we carry until the day of peace
When we together reign with God and them to be

Peace be still my little ones not long will we be
With you in His presence, again will we see

The love for you we’ll carry deep down in our being
To walk with you in silence, our souls embrace such feeling

Till then to you my Kinsey, with pick cheeks so whimsy
Hold God’s hand and follow His plan till I will see you plenty

To you my Gray Man, He too has a plan, my sweet Angel in the sky
From monkeys, dragonflies and ladybugs to all the butterflies

We Love You and we cherish you, in Him our faith abides

Kinsey Grace Thompson
Grayson Thomas Thompson

“To you we say GODSPEED”

We’ll live on earth and follow GOD’s plan to be with you indeed.


Anonymous said...

I just read the poem Angie wrote for our babies. I know it hurts so much to read but it's a comfort too. To know one day we will be able to see and be with them oneday. It makes my heart soar.I miss them everyday and I always pray for them and for you and Taylor. To able to read all that people have written about our babies and see how much they were loved by everyone.Our heart is broken and we will never be the same but we have our love for each other and know that we're always here for you and Taylor.We love you forever and our babies too.GODSPEED TO OUR SWEET ANGELS With Love,Mimi

Anonymous said...

Also I wanted to thank everyone who have wrote to you and Taylor and thank them so much. It's a comfort to know that there is still good people in this world who have such compassion for their fellow men. Thank you everyone .With Love, Kinsey and Grayson, Mimi

Kadence and Adam. . . and Mommy said...

Just wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy your trip and be safe.


Tammy518 said...

What a beautiful poem! It was so thoughtful and sweet of your cousin to write it.

I just looked at your next post down and saw the snake -- eeekkk!

Mindy said...

What an amazing poem!

Praying for you...

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys have a great trip!I know you'll have lots of fun & laughter, especially if Corey will be able to spend some time with you - HA - maybe even see a "concert" together!

Be sure to have some of that great Robert St. John food for me at Cresent City if possible...I'm on a diet too, ugh! I'm back to the beach with mine.

Peyton started orientation today; hope it went well. Got a text from her on Sunday: "Gooooooo Rebels!" How sweet it is...hope it gets better! Patrick is having a good start...test next week so he won't come home - gotta study...we'll go up for the next game.

The poem from Angie is lovely...she's a sweetie. Loved it, Angie!

Keep breathing...we all are...I so wish I could do more. Tell me if there is anything; just say the word.

I love, love, love my butterflies...tricked me a little! That's okay.

I love you and Taylor, Godspeed!
Love, Aunt Wanda

P. S. Mr. Donny L. would have loved to help you with the snake. (It better be glad it wasn't a spider- ha!)

Cindy said...

Hope you had a wonderful trip! You're a wonderful wife (I'm sure Taylor already knows this) but WOW to give him the Saints ticket.....I'm not sure I could've been as generous if it had been a Browns ticket.....I know, I know but I'm a lifelong fan and used to losing! :)

Continue to think of you and your family often! The poem is beautiful!

Seems like I see more butterflies than lady bugs or dragon flies but everytime I see one, I think of Kinsey, Grayman, and my sweet Jordan!

Sending hugs and prayers

Sarah Bussey said...

I love that poem. I want you to know that I think about you and Taylor all of the time. We don't know each other but I started reading your blog after we lost Mamie this past June. I pray for you guys every day and just want you to know that. Your strength has given me strength!

The Wandering Brain // Tracy Lucas said...

Thank you for sharing her poem with us... it's beautiful.

Thanks, also, for the update on the box. I was wondering about that!

Still haven't found the monkeys we discussed... I've been looking everywhere, but can't find any which could be personalized for a decent price.

I still think of you guys everyday.

I stepped into the bathroom at my son's recent birthday party to have a moment of silence, just him and me, for Grayson.

There's a tiny little monkey favor from his party that's going to stay on my desk as long as I have it.

I will never forget that tough little guy.

The Wandering Brain // Tracy Lucas said...

By the way; my name shows up as a link now since I've gotten my blog going again, but it needs a "Baby Label" warning, if that's a subject you need to avoid for now.

I've written quite a bit about my son, and I wouldn't want that to surprise and/or cause any additional heartache.

Just thought I'd warn ya.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this poem. Grayson is just so gorgeous. I can only imagine how much you miss him. Sending much love your way xxxx

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but when I stumbled upon your blog I couldn't help but notice the name Grayson. I have a 4yr old son named Grayson and I can't imagine the pain and suffering you guys have endured by losing him. What amazing strength and faith you must have. I will pray for you and your family.


Brookeanne said...

Still thinking of you frequently... hope to hear an update soon!

Heidi said...

I know you have not posted in some time now but I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and pray for love to fill your heart again.

Lauren said...

I check in on you every few days, and haven't seen a post in a while. I'm hoping that's a good positive thing, but I just wanted to say that still thinking of you and praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share with you a resource -

This organization has helped us beyond words after the loss of our son. I hope you can find some comfort in them as well.