Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grayce was Given

July 31st.  The last day in July, 2013.  

It was a big day for me.... not many of my friends or family were even aware.  I wanted to wait until it was all wrapped up and official before I blogged or posted anything on Facebook.

Today, I officially applied for nonprofit status.  And I did it in July.
I have been giving out blankets, clothes etc.. for a few months already. Now I have a name, a mission statement and will be adding more things in the future.  A website and board of directors to name a few. Many more things to do... but it's a start. I also will be working on the ability for donations to be tax deductible.

I want to thank those who have given or donated so far, to help me with my "calling".

My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins... they have all given and continue to give. Donations of money for me to purchase things, and also ladies making blankets, quilts, hats and gowns.  The generosity has been amazing, and I am so blessed to have people like this around me who want to help people. I want to name a few non family members, and I hope I didn't forget anyone.  If I did, please let me know... because I want to make sure I thank everyone personally on the blog.

Anna & Brady Holder
Mrs. Wanda Watts (making beautiful blankets, clothes & hats for the first time in her life)
Lisa Crosby
Mrs. Orie Walker (making sweet little hats)
Andrea Conrad
Martha Walker and The Women's group of the Brookhaven, MS Church of Jesus Christ of      the Latter-Day Saints (made handmade blankets & quilts, and sweet little white gowns)
Nicole & Sean Burke

For quite some time,  I didn't have any idea of what to use as a name.  I was off work one random day, and looked at one of my Bible apps on my phone.

The verse was 2 Timothy 1:9

"He has saved us and called us to a holy life - not because of anything we have done but because of His own purpose and grace.  This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time"

I knew that was it, the minute I read it.  Then I changed the spelling of grace to incorporate the names of my daughter and son....
This is a new and unknown realm for me to walk into, but I trust Him... and am ready for whatever He wants me to do.

July 2013, I survived.  Love to all of you who helped me, because I couldn't have without Him and all of you.



Marilyn Crum said...

Your daddy and I are so proud of you. So happy you finally got this done. So many memories. Thanks to everyone who has given to you for your cause. Love to all!!!

Lorelei Walker Dean said...

So happy for you, Kristi. I know that you will do great with this mission. I will sure help to spread the word. Love you!

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