Saturday, May 17, 2014

Return to Zero

Tonight there will be a movie on Lifetime.... many won't watch because of of the subject, and how hard it is to really process it. I will be watching... and it will be difficult. But to show my support for this film, and the reality of what it is speaking about, I will watch. I want to encourage all of you, no matter your situation to watch, or record to watch later. I can't speak of everything that will happen in the film, as I haven't seen it yet... but I can only hope that it will portray a piece of what us as Mother's who have lost children, go through.

Here is a note written by Kiley Krekorian Hanish (portrayed by Minnie Driver in the film Return to Zero.)

"Almost nine years ago, our son, Norbert, died before he was born. Because we live in a society that doesn’t know how to deal with death, people in our life didn’t know what to say to us – so they said nothing. Most people avoided talking about his death, and we thought we were going crazy. As a result, we went into a cave, and isolated ourselves from the world and each other.

Healing is like a flower blossom opening, and each petal will open up at the moment it’s ready. You can’t force healing, and it took us many years before we were ready to engage in the healing process on this level. The making of Return to Zero has given us permission to share our story. By connecting with others, we feel like our hearts are little fuller and we are not so alone.

Making this movie has been extremely healing because it's allowed us to share our story, not be ashamed of what happened, and connect with other people that have also been through it."

So please help us spread the word and watch Return To Zero at 7 pm CST tonight on Lifetime.


Anonymous said...

I watched the movie this weekend and it was so good. The whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I watched this movie today and it was hard as my daughter lost her first born son shortly after his birth. You never think this will happen to you and when it does it is life changing for everyone.Everyone deals with loss in their own way and when people who would rather just "get over it" and move on don't have patience for the grieving parents and accept how they decide to grieve/ honor their child and keep his/her memory alive is annoying. I believe unless you have walked in someone's shoes or had the same experience ( and even then everyone and every experience is different)please don't judge. A line in the movie where Minnie Driver says she is afraid to let the last piece of hurt go for fear that her son's memory will be lost I can understand. As I told my daughter many times, there is no way the memory of her son would EVER be forgotten.He is forever in our heart and mind. We will all wonder "what if" or " what he would be like" at every birthday,holiday.... but just know he is our guardian angel watching over his siblings that we will never forget.