Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My plan was to start telling you more about Taylor, Kinsey and myself...but that just didn't happen today. For one thing my computer was SO SLOW all day (Don't EVER get satellite internet, it costs too much and its basically just TERRIBLE) I just never really got a chance to get on the computer. But also I never got started because today I just basically didn't feel like it. Some days are better than others, and I guess thats normal in this situation....but nothing feels normal. Today was just a bad day for emotions. One of the days where I just wanted to scream and cry all day...but I made it through the day without losing it. I can't say that I didn't cry ( there hasn't been a day yet that I haven't cried), but I managed to make it through the day without just holeing up in my bedroom and crying myself senseless.
Im sure my parents being here helped, because Taylor and I are apart right they have been a big help to me, just being here.
Im lying in bed right now because I can't sleep, so I figured I would tell about the next two days. Taylor is in Shreveport and has been since Sunday night. The lady that he calls his "Mom" passed away on Monday the 25th. and as I sit here and type this I just realized that Mrs. Mona passed away exactly 4 weeks after Kinsey...also on a Monday, and at almost the same time of day....6:30ish. How strange is that. Everyone in her family, and also Taylor said that she is up there in Heaven right now holding Kinsey and looking after her. I'm jealous of that.
She was in a bad car accident about a week after Kinsey's left us, and was critically injured. Taylor wanted and needed to be there for her and for her family...and to help them with medical questions as well.
One of Taylor's oldest and best friends is Kim, Mrs. Mona is Kim's mother... and I credit Mrs. Mona with helping to keep Taylor sane and on the right path in his teenage years. She took him in and became a mother to him when he needed her. It takes a special woman to take in a teenage boy! but she did, and he (and I) will always be grateful to her and her family.
My parents and I are leaving tomorrow for Shreveport to be there for Mrs. Mona's Memorial service on Friday...and to be there with Taylor.
After the services we will be headed back to Little I ask you for prayers for a safe trip for us to and from Shreveport, and also for prayer for Mrs. Mona's family and friends. Please also continue to keep us in your prayers as well. We have lost a daughter, and now my husband has lost his "Mom".....
I know God dosen't give us a cross that we can't bear....but it sure feels like it sometimes.
Thank you all for your comments and emails today....they mean more that you know right now, and help to keep me going.
I'm going to try to get some sleep now, goodnight to you all...and goodnight Kinsey and Mrs. Mona. Hug and squeeze her tight for me.


patsysni said...

I think of you, Taylor and Kinsey everyday. Honestly there is not a day that has gone by that my heart has not cried for your family and your loss. I am always trying to think of something that I could say or do to comfort you but have not nor do I think I will be able to come up with something and for that I am sorry. I just want you to know I am praying and hoping that God will heal your heart and you will find a way to have faith and hope again. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. Patsy

Sara said...

I would anything to be able to hug you and cry with you right now. I can't even imagine how you must feel. I know no words will ever help, but know that I pray for you guys constantly. I pray for some sort of peace in your lives. Miss you like mad and cannot wait to see you.

Darrell Perry said...

God bless you and your family!

wheezie said...

Dearest Kristi, Just wanted to pop in and say hi........thank you for sharing your blob. I constantly am thinking of you, Taylor and Kinsey. Please be safe this weekend going to sheverport, especially with the bad weather coming that way. My prayers are with you always.
Wheezie xoxox