Friday, August 14, 2009

More Birthday Pictures

I wanted to add the rest of the pictures from Kinsey's Birthday. These are the pictures that were taken by my family in Brookhaven.

My Mom did what I wasn't able to do... take balloons and flowers to the cemetary.

Kinsey's Birthday was July 28th of course, and I was here in Little Rock. Taylor was supposed to start to work that next day, so we couldn't really drive to Mississippi.

Thank God for my Mom.

She got balloons and the flowers that we wanted (Stargazer Lillies of course), as well as making a homemade wreath for Kinsey. It had butterflies and ladybugs, as well a little doll. It also had a couple of little things for GrayMan...a few Monkeys and cars. You know they would have played with each others toys...and probably fought over them!

Thank you Mama for doing the things that I'm not able to do, and thank you for just being my Mom...and a great Mimi to my babies. I wish you had been able to spoil them more here in this life, but I know that one day when we are with them will really SPOIL them.

Thank you for being there for us whenever we need you.

I love you.
My Grandma went with my Mom to help her get everything out there for Kinsey and Gray. And of course they had to get a picture of each other for me while they were out there. I'm so glad she got to meet and hold Grayson.
Thank you Grandma.

Last but not least, the Monkey and Ladybug are still out there! To this day we have no idea who gave it to them, but we thank you...whoever you are.

Godspeed Kinsey and GrayMan.


Cardinal said...

Your family has an incredible story and your two beautiful babies have served as a testament to many. Prayers and hugs to all of you!

Mindy said...

What a sweet way to celebrate her birthday.

Praying for you all.

Brookeanne said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful, loving family! Also, thank you for your last post. I have been wondering how you are holding up. Sending hugs!

Mary Ellen said...

Aww arent Moms GREAT :-) Praying for you

jules said...

hi guys...i don't know you guys personally but found you through kelly's korner blog prayer list. i dropped in to see how i could pray specifically for your family and have been touched and blessed more than i could have ever imagine. i expected to read one blog, pray, and go on with my day...but then as i read, i couldn't stop. you see, i am from mccomb...your neighbor and it took a blog in arkansas to connect me to you. i live in houston right now but am planning to get home soon and who knows...i may stop by and vist gray man and kinsey grace. i am praying for you and will constantly hold you in my thoughts...may god blanket you in his peace and love...may he give you comfort that no one else can provide...may we as believers support you, encourage you, and lift you daily...may your children be dancing at the feet of jesus...and may god give you patience until you are reunited. you both

lost--for--words said...
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lost--for--words said...

What an awesome mom & grandma you have... I love the wreath that your mom made for your babies. I just made one for my daughter, but I just used flowers - I love the idea of putting little toys in there. Next time I re-do it, I will be doing this! Lots of love and strength coming to you and your family.

AnnMarie & Nick said...

What an amazing family you have supporting you and your children! Thinking and praying for you.

Jenn said...

Thinking and praying for your often.

Colleen said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the baby doll on the wreath. Your mom and grandmother are just precious.